Decatur Tree Ordinance

We are many individual Decaturites who have found each other as we’ve become more distressed over the unnecessary destruction of so many trees in Decatur.
Please join our efforts as we advocate for a more balanced tree ordinance. We are not affiliated with the city or any other organization.
Check out our Facebook page Save Decatur’s Trees.
Save Decatur’s Trees will be at the Decatur Book Festival the weekend (9/1/2018 & 9/2/2018), located on the North side of the historic courthouse. Please come by and bring your friends and family to say hi and learn more about what you can do to help Save Decatur’s Trees!
We, unlike many other cities, have remaining old growth trees and original forest remnants. These pockets are often in our own backyards, and once these trees are destroyed and the soil disturbed, the benefit can never be replaced.
Currently no individual tree is protected by the Decatur Tree Ordinance.  The Ordinance allows 75% of the canopy to be cut down. We are losing our most valuable trees. We need a Tree Ordinance that protects more existing trees and our most valuable trees, trees that make the highest urban forest contribution.
Please contact your Mayor and City Commissioners now (see below). They may be voting on Decatur Tree Ordinance changes soon, and they need to hear from you now.
Ask your Mayor and Commissioners if they will vote for Tree Ordinance changes that:
  • Save more existing trees 
  • Save *High Value trees 
*High Value trees are determined by health, maturity, and urban forest contribution
**The New Atlanta Tree Ordinance_ A 4-Step Plan outlinesTree Ordinance changes that specifically address how to save more existing trees. These changes are based on the current ordinance and what is not working. You can attach this in your email indicating these are the specific changes you are asking them to support.
***While we cannot save every tree as our city grows, there are common sense well thought out changes listed in detail below that provide a mechanism to bring us more to a middle ground that ensures more of our best trees are protected. These common sense changes listed below have been developed in collaboration with regional arborists, landscape architects, developers, builders, urban planners, other municipal staff, nonprofit professionals, neighborhood organizations, real estate professionals, and area residents.
Contact list:
Patti Garrett, Mayor/District 2:
Tony Powers, At-large Commissioner:
Scott Drake, District 1:
Brian Smith, District 2:


Thanks for taking action! For more opportunities to make an impact:

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